blinding truth


Markus Winkler

“All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.”

 —  Galileo Galilei

Said much easier than done but I’d would like to share a perspective. 

The irony, is that, truth is often blinding. It’s out there and we know it is, but every time we get closer, it blinds us. Similar to a car driving in the opposite direction on high beams — as your body screams to maintain vision in the darkness. 

You want it and you body craves it. It’s something you and I have been wired to uncover. We aren’t exactly sure of what we would find, and yet we are very much convinced there is more that needs our attention. 

There is a sense of righteousness that awakens our pride to live on each and every day. If there is no motivation, then we no longer look forward to tomorrow’s sunrise. 

Truth is important to our sense of worthiness. 

Our truth is what makes each of us unique. Despite how similar we all are, our deepest desires distinguish some of how we interact and respond to life’s deepest needs from us. 

Each desire is a need to a certain extent for us to bring our humanity in co-creating with the world we occupy. 

At least, that’s how I imagine it feels like to uncover your truth. Whatever it may be, it’s probably a call and response sort of experience. 

At least, I assume from what I have since learned. 

If our process of uncovering our truths is a call and response interaction, then we have got to learn two skills: 

  1. Learning to communicate, and
  2. Learning to understand

Each of those skills are there to encourage us to notice the subtleties of life, of the truths that lie beyond. 

Unfortunately, we spend much of our time communicating, we rarely exercise our ability to understand. We become unaware and somewhat ignorant. 

We continue to search for answers but refuse to acknowledge that we are unequipped. 

For most of us, that’s about the end of our adventure. Our natural gifts and talents slowly disappear with each fading memory. 

Until, a painful or traumatic experience breaks away at your spirit, you eventually erupt with emotion. 

Emotions are awesome because they let us know what’s going on. They are valuable indicator’s of where things stand, and they are very good at that. 

Our ability to understand and honestly interpret those emotions is awareness in action. With more opportunities, we can raise our awareness to find the minute details and hopefully have more than before to uncover our truths. 

With practice, of course.