breathwork > procrastination


Stephanie Ecate

“It is easier to resist at the beginning than at the end.”

Leonardo da Vinci

It is definitely a struggle to start. But when the going gets going, it becomes quite the journey — a worthwhile experience it turns out. 

So what does it take to start? 

Well, here is a theory I would like to share. 

I believe our need to procrastinate comes from false fear. We start developing images in our minds of how things will not work out and so we start to justify to ourselves subconsciously whether or not something is worth the effort.

I would like to argue that everything is worthwhile if the intention behind it is. What makes an opportunity worthwhile is our intention and commitment, which leads me to think that procrastination firstly originates from our internal general fears about ourselves and our ability to come through. 

Are we really cut out for the journey? For the disappointment that may bring us down?

It’s a hell of a journey to be alive. Many things required to live a full life are a thread of a needle across. 

If we can trust ourselves, we might just get there. 

So what practically can we do to help us start?

We learn to lean on our breathwork.

Breathing is one of the few activities that will require you to let go. Even if you try to hold on, if you focus on your breath, you will naturally let go and fall into a rhyme. 

It is sort of an internal trance you can fall into that slows your world. 

Breathing also slows down the thoughts that you entertain. If you can give yourself a chance to slow down the thoughts before they spiral down and leave a mess, you might just have a great day. 

Here are some exercises you can start your day: