old soul


Mike Von

My soul just turned up old one day and I was all of a sudden, different.

I craved something else altogether. 

I wanted peace and joy. 

I wanted to slow down and enjoy the moment. 

I wanted to find more time to understand those who came before me and something about that journey kept changing me. 

So here I am, listening to oldies every single day and I find that normal. 

Whereas I look at my peers and see something else. Is this good?

Is this okay? Will I fall behind the culture that shapes my experience and those I care about?

I don't know, but this honestly feels right for me, and every day, I'm learning to accept it as normal and find myself in it. 

There is something wholesome about an old soul. I love hanging out with them. They bring something else you otherwise would rarely find elsewhere. 

They bring color. And sometimes that color for them is black and white.

In the form of a record player, and old things that mean so much more to them.

I intend to learn more about this new thing. I will explore where this rabbit hole goes and hopefully see that shaping my life in a magical way.

To the old souls out there! 


love you all for existing