the journey


Photo by Caroline Veronez

The journey is quite arduous. 

No one could've prepared me or you. 

Despite that, we have managed to experience this here moment. 

It could've been my luck or yours but for some reason, we are here, and this moment is very much a very real experience. 

We are lucky to be alive and exchanging life. 

My life and your life. 

And all of this, without any idea of who you are behind the other side of this screen. 

I have no clue what you look like but does that matter?

We can push besides that and connect over these words. 

These words are coming on their own and I would be dishonest if I claimed the originality. 

Some of it is mine but some of it is also yours. 

Two unique perspectives and a bunch of words are painted on this screen, subconsciously communicating with each other.

And it is my hope that our communication is well received. 

Cheers to a wonderful day, in fact, cheers to a wonderful life; if we never meet again.