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I have realized why I move and trade the way I do. 

These are indications of my past and my "trauma". There is a lot that I need to overcome because I have been operating out of a fear mentality, as opposed to a courage-based mentality. 


Anytime I think and act in fear, these are the types of bullshit emotions I emit: 


1. Greed

1. Doubt

1. Depression

1. Doubt

1. Fear

1. Anger

1. Anxiety

1. Bordem


These 8 sins have lost me hella money. And I'm not proud to say that I could've done much better up until now but I haven't done this good, cuz I'm a little winnie. 

I'm going to learn and master the breath in order to master myself, and then I will learn to trade, well I know how to trade already. I just suck at understanding myself. 

I get angry, angry and angry too damn easy. I end up finding myself in a fucking pickle because I'm not paying attention to what I really want to get done. 

I'm finding myself in a pickle because I haven't been able to master myself but that's no longer the fucking case. Cuz moving forward, I'm that guy. 

When it comes to presenting myself the way I want to present myself, I am that guy. And I go to the gym each and everyday. 

I breathe so deep, so deep, I put me to sleep. 

That's crazy, you wild for that shit. Just trust me when I say this is the most amaizng thing that I have done and it's probably going to change my fucking life. 

NO Questions!

It's crazy I thought it would be weird to breathe deep. Now it's my fucking life. Ain't nothing about it that's unnecessary. Just watch and let me show you that you probably the one that I want to be in the future. 

There is only one me. And for that person, I'm willing to do anything for the sake of growth and health. 

Just wait on it. 

The breath is the only savior I will ever have. Trust

A man is reinvented when he breaths. There is nothing the man can't do. 

She mad I ain't giving her the day of light. She just can't imagined someone who is as "broke" and unworthy of her queeness, could really muster the courage and confidence to ignore her. 

She learned that she ain't really shit. 

I'm just breathing baby. 

Just let me know that I'm here doing numbers and if you had to ask questions about who I am and what I'm about it, then well damn. 

I have really proven myself after today. 

It's the jordan year and the jordan day for me to get a lesson worth accepting. 

I have never gotten in a position where I had to really prove to myself that everything that I have done up til this point was really worth. 

All I do is breathe breath no matter what. It's a nice opportunity to get away from all the bullshit that is not necessary to living a happy and fulfilling life. 

There is much that needs my attention and some day I will get there, and be able to respect myself even more. It's just one of those things. 

The breath needs my attention that's for sure.