Referral invites are here!

One thing we want to be intentional about is the sort of environment we create both for writers and readers on AnonyMouslly. We want it to be a place that inspires and motivates while encouraging honesty and safety. With that in mind, we have decided to roll out invite-only user signups for the foreseeable future. Please keep in mind the intention and heart of this platform and share your generated referral codes with those you trust and believe would positively contribute to this community.

Where there is power, there must be responsibility.

In order to invite folks, you can head to the homepage and click on More.

There is a dropdown option named Referrals.

Click on that and you will be navigated to a page that shows you all current referrals created by you.

You can also create new ones by clicking Create New Referral.

Copy the URL and share it with one individual as the URL only works once.

You can feel free to generate as many invites as you would like!


Bookmarks are here!

These stories are powerful, and oftentimes leave impressions on us. Some of those impressions last longer and some fade into the distant future. Now, you can save stories that resonated into your bookmarks and read them over again and again, as much as you like.